Guntur Current Office Phone Number, Andhra Pradesh (AP)

We are giving Guntur Current Office Phone Number moreover, other details as office location and toll-free number here. APSPDCL is the authorized agency to distribute electricity supply in this district. APSPDCL has trained and expert officer to working with long for helping smoothly electric supply to the customer. You will find the contact number next to the each staff’s designation. First of all, follow the below helpline of APSPDCL to get any type of assistance regarding electric problems in Guntur District.

ASPDCL Toll Free Number – 1800425155333

Now see the table below to get the employees phone number posted in Guntur APSPDCL.

Guntur Current Office Phone Number image

Guntur Current Office Phone Number

1Accounts Officer(A.O.) Guntur94910 43475
2Accounts Officer Revenue(A.O.R.) Guntur9440817525
3Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), BHATTIPROLU9440812310
4Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), CHERUKUPALLI9440812317
5Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), PRATHIPADU9440812295
6Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), C&O AMRUTHALURU9440812318
7Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 1, Narasaraopet9440812325
8Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 1, Guntur9440812287
9Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 2, Narasaraopet9440812326
10Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 2, Guntur9440812283
11Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 3, Guntur9440812284
12Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 3, TENALI9440812303
13Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 4, Guntur9440812288
14Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 5, Guntur9440812285
15Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 6, Guntur9440812289
16Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), D - 9, GUNTUR9440812292
17Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), DOKIPARRU9440812293
18Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), DUGGIRALA9440812306
19Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Durgi9440812340
20Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Guntur9490611635
21Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Gurazala9440812343
22Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), HT - Meters - II, Guntur9491052969
23Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Ipuru9440814276
24Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), KAKUMANU9440812323
25Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), NAGARAM9440812313
26Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), CHEBROLU9440812304
27Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), REPALLE9440812308
28Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Opn., Krosuru9440812336
29Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), P.N.PADU9440812324
30Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), P.V.PALEM9440812316
31Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Pedakakani9440812286
32Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Chilakaluripet9440812330
33Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), MANGALAGIRI9440812298
34Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), PONNUR9440812322
35Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), RAYAPUDI9440812300
36Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rentachintala9440814275
37Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals Bapatla9440812315
38Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals Macherla9440812339
39Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals Piduguralla9440812347
40Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals Sattenapalli9440812335
41Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Rurals Vinukonda9440812328
42Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), SPM Guntur9490611629
43Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), T Chilakaluripet9440812329
44Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), T MANGALAGIRI9440812297
45Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), T Sattenapalli9440812334
46Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), TADIKONDA9440812294
47Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), TOWN VINUKONDA9440812327
48Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), TRE Guntur9490611628
49Additional Assistant Engineer(AAE), Protection Guntur9491052968
50Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, Narasaraopet9440812356
51Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, SATTENAPALLI9440812355
52Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, Bapatla9440812353
53Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, Macherla9440812357
54Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, R Autonagar9493174276
55Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, R Guntur9440812351
56Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, Repalle9440812354
57Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, T Guntur9440812349
58Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, Tenali9440812352
59Assistant Accounts Office(AAO), ERO, T-II Guntur9440812350
60Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C & O, Chilakaluripet9440812278
61Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C & O, GURAZALA9440812281
62Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), C & O, VINUKONDA9440812277
63Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Civil, Guntur9493174297
64Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Coml CO Guntur9491052944
65Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Computers9440811902
66Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Const Guntur9440817546
67Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Const NarasaraoPet9491066757
68Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Customer Services9440814261
69Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), DPE - I, Guntur9440812360
70Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), DPE - II, Guntur9440812361
71Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), HT Meters Guntur9440817551
72Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), HT - II, Guntur9493174301
73Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), LT Meters Guntur9440817552
74Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, PIDUGURALLA9440812280
75Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, Autonagar9493174275
76Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, BAPATLA9440812274
77Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, Cherukupalli9493174273
78Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, Dachepalli9493174287
79Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, MACHERLA9440812279
80Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, Narasaraopet9440812276
81Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), O, PONNURU9440812275
82Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Opn., MANGALAGIRI9440812270
83Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), PROTECTION9440812265
84Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), R, GUNTUR9440812269
85Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), R, Guntur9490618806
86Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), R, Narasaraopet9493174288
87Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), R, TENALI9440812272
88Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), REPALLE9440812273
89Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), R-II Tenali9493174286
90Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), SATTENAPALLI9440812282
91Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), SPM Guntur9440817549
92Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Stores GUNTUR9440812264
93Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), T.II GUNTUR9440812267
94Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), T GUNTUR9440812266
95Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), T TENALI9440812271
96Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), Town.III Guntur9440812268
97Assistant Divisional Engineer(ADE), TRE Guntur9440817548
98Assistant Engineer(AE), Amaravathi9440812296
99Assistant Engineer(AE), C & O, Dachepalli9440812341
100Assistant Engineer(AE), C & O, T.SUNDURU9440812305
101Assistant Engineer(AE), Const Narasarao peta9490611636
102Assistant Engineer(AE), CT Meters - 1, Guntur9490611626
103Assistant Engineer(AE), CT Meters - 2, Guntur9490611627
104Assistant Engineer(AE), D - 1, TENALI9440812301
105Assistant Engineer(AE), D - 10, Guntur9490618805
106Assistant Engineer(AE), D - 2, TENALI9440812302
107Assistant Engineer(AE), D - 7, GUNTUR9440812290
108Assistant Engineer(AE), D - 8, Guntur9440812291
109Assistant Engineer(AE), DPE - 1, Guntur9490611630
110Assistant Engineer(AE), DPE - 2, Guntur9490611631
111Assistant Engineer(AE), DPE - 3, Guntur9490611632
112Assistant Engineer(AE), DPE - 4, Guntur9490611633
113Assistant Engineer(AE), Ganapavaram9440812331
114Assistant Engineer(AE), HT Meters, Guntur9490611625
115Assistant Engineer(AE), Karampudi9440812342
116Assistant Engineer(AE), KARLAPALEM9440812319
117Assistant Engineer(AE), KOLLIPARA9440812307
118Assistant Engineer(AE), KOLLURU9440812311
119Assistant Engineer(AE), LT Meters, Guntur9490611623
120Assistant Engineer(AE), O, Kumchamapalle Guntur9490618808
121Assistant Engineer(AE), O, Rural Dachepalle9491052965
122Assistant Engineer(AE), O, Town-2 Mangalagiri Guntur9490618854
123Assistant Engineer(AE), O, VEMURU9440812309
124Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn., Bandlamotu.9440812337
125Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn., Nakarikallu9440812332
126Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn., Rajupalem9440812346
127Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Atchampet9440817541
128Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Bellamkonda9440817533
129Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Edlapadu9440817542
130Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Guntur Rural9440817528
131Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Machavaram9440817534
132Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Muppalla9440817540
133Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Narasaraopet9490615803
134Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Nizampatnam9440817536
135Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Nujendla9440817543
136Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Phirangipuram9440817529
137Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Repalle Rural9440817537
138Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Rompicherla9440817545
139Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Savalyapuram9440817544
140Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Tenali Rural9440817538
141Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Vatticherukuru9440817530
142Assistant Engineer(AE), Opn, Veldurthi9440817532
143Assistant Engineer(AE), Pedakurapadu9440814274
144Assistant Engineer(AE), Protection Guntur9490611624
145Assistant Engineer(AE), T PONNURU9440812320
146Assistant Engineer(AE), TADEPALLI9440812299
147Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical CO GNT9440814218
148Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical Construction GNT9440817547
149Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, DO, Bapatla9491052945
150Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, DO, Guntur9440817527
151Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, DO, Guntur-II9491052943
152Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, DO, Macherla9440817531
153Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, DO, Narasaraopet9440817539
154Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, DO, Tenali9440817535
155Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, M & P, Guntur9440817554
156Assistant Engineer(AE), Technical, Trans, Guntur9440817550
157Assistant Engineer(AE), TOWN BAPATLA9440812314
158Assistant Engineer(AE), Town Macherla9440812338
159Assistant Engineer(AE), Town Piduguralla9440812344
160Assistant Engineer(AE), Town - II, Chilakaluripet, Guntur9490618804
161Assistant Engineer(AE),-DPE - 5, Guntur9490611634
162CI SI APTS9440811789
163Divisional Engineer(DE), TRANSFORMERS9440812256
164Divisional Engineer(DE), CONST Guntur9440812262
165Divisional Engineer(DE), M & P, DIVN.9440812257
166Divisional Engineer(DE), O, GUNTUR9440812258
167Divisional Engineer(DE), Technical.9440812255
168Divisional Engineer(DE), DPE, GUNTUR9440812263
169Divisional Engineer(DE), O, Autonagar9493174274
170Divisional Engineer(DE), O, Bapatla9493174272
171Divisional Engineer(DE), O, Guntur Rurals9440817592
172Divisional Engineer(DE), O, MACHERLA9440812260
173Divisional Engineer(DE), O, TENALI9440812259
174Divisional Engineer(DE), Opn., NARASARaoPET9440812261
175Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), Billing Chilakaluripeta9440817558
176Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), Billing Mangalagiri9440817556
177Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), Billing Piduguralla9440817560
178Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), Billing Ponnuru9440817557
179Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), Billing Vinukonda9440817559
180Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), S - ERO, Gurazala9440907186
181Junior Accounts Officer(J.A.O) S - ERO, Cherukupalle9491052970
182Junior Accounts Officer(JAO), S - ERO, Dachepalle9491052967
183LMC CO Guntur9440817526
184PO CO Guntur9491066709
185Ravikumar Assistant Engineer Tel Guntur9490618818
186Senior Accounts Officer(S.A.O.)9440812348
187SI APTS9490615810
188SI APTS9490615811
189Superintending Engineer9440811747
190UDC CO GNT9490618840

APSPDCL was formally announced by administration of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2000 to supply electric power in Guntur district along with several other districts. This company has big challenges in starting phase to produce quality electricity but later it has made easy by its superior management. There are 88 section, 7 division and 24 sub-division in Guntur district.

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