Blue Cross Chennai Phone Numbers

Blue Cross Chennai Phone Numbers (2)
You will be happy to find Blue cross Chennai phone numbers right here. You may know that Blue Cross of India ( BCI ) is an NGO and works for the welfare of stray animals like dogs, cat, pigs, cow etc. in Chennai.  Today Stray dogs become a big problem and most of the civic bodies are trying to tackle them. Before BCI, they just follow catch & kill policy for them, but now Blue Cross is ready to help.  They rescue the animals and provide shelter for them.  You will find these numbers very useful when you see an animal in danger and in spite of having the desire to help, you feel helpless. We are all humans and kindness, mercy and tolerance are the key features of humanity.

So be human and contact on these numbers between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. to stamp your presence. See ahead for Blue Cross Chennai Phone Numbers.

Blue Cross Chennai Phone Numbers

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1.Blue Cross Helpline Number044 - 2235 - 4959
1.Head Office, Chennai Phone Number044- 434 -1778
2. Guindy, Chennai Office Phone Number044 - 2230- 0655
3.Guindy Office Helpline Number 044 - 2230 - 0666

So, You should show mercy towards the animals and all other species, who are living around you. BCI is all about kindness and tolerance towards the voiceless and their way is appreciating worldwide. The Blue Cross of India vaccinate the street dogs and played a vital role in the birth control of the same in Chennai. The human’s death due to Rabies is decreasing by the time and today Chennai is registering not a single death due to the disease. So, we can say that their efforts are visualizing.  Now you will understand that Blue cross Chennai phone numbers is how important for you. Therefore you should join the hand with BCI for a noble cause.

The BCI was founded in 1964 by an Indian Navy officer P. Sundaram and his family. The founder was serving helpless and sick animals since 1960 and that time he was the member of Animal Welfare Board. There is an interesting story that how BCI came into existence. One day captain P. Sundaram was returning home and it was raining. He saw that two puppies are struggling to survive in the flooded street. His humidity woke up and he took them to home and it was the beginning. As a result, nowadays BCI is the largest animal welfare organization in India.

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