Birbhum Phone Number District Level Officers West Bengal

District Level Officers Birbhum West Bengal Contact Number- All officers like SDO, CMOH, SDAO, RTO etc of Birbhum West Bengal district are deputed.  They determinate all administrative field and apparent all types of issue related the district. We are legislation here contact scope of the Birbhum West Bengal  district level officers.

Birbhum Phone Number District Level Officers West Bengal

1.SDO, Sadar Suri(03462) 255239
2.SDO, Rampurhat(03461) 255224
3.SDO, Bolpur(03463) 256787
4.CMOH, Birbhum(03462) 255216
5.Sadar Hospital(03462) 255483
(03462) 255281
7.SDAO, Rampurhat(03461) 255092
8.Circle Manager(03462) 255383
9.Fire Brigade(03462) 255500
10.Circuit House, Suri(03462) 255558
11.Circuit House, Bolpur(03463) 256744
12.RTO, Birbhum(03462) 255517

Birbhum District is the District of an prefectoral unit. Its unit related to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Its headquarter established in Suri. It commonly express “the land of red soil,”. Many famed people lived and task in this district,specifically at Shantiniketan. The literacy development of this district is in average condition. This is an agriculture district.Around 70% of people depend on agriculture in this district. The rich flora found in this district and in this district one of the most prevalent game is Danguli. SDO is deputed to organize all branch of the district, lead all officers working beneath him. He solves affairs respective to the administrative field. CMOH goes along with SDO to solve all types of case held in the district. Presently sports are the most crucial thing for the people so One Sports officer is deputed in every district to an regiment sports program.The subject related to the vehicle is being solved by RTO.

People who requirement the assistance of Birbhum Phone Number District Level Officers West Bengal, inspection the number in the chart.

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