Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes, Address, Phone Numbers

Arunachal Pradesh RTO codes, Address, Names, Phone Number and Pin code

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CodeNameAddressPin CodePhone
AR01DTO ItanagarDistrict Transport Office,
O/O DC Capital Complex,
Itanagar Naharlagun,
Papumpare DT, AR
7911100360 - 2350483
AR03DTO TawangDistrict Transport
office O/O DY
.Commission ER,
Tawang District, AR
79010403794 - 222202
AR04DTO BomdilaDistrict Transport
office O/O DY.
Commission ER,
Bomdila west
Kameng District, AR
79000103782 - 223327
AR05DTO SeppaDistrict Transport office O/O DY.Commission ER, Seppa
east Kameng District, AR
AR06DTO ZiroDistrict Transport office
O/O DY.Commission
ER, Ziro Lower Subansiri District, AR
791120(03788) 224224
AR07DTO DaporijoDistrict Transport office O/O DY.Commission ER, Daporijo upper Subansiri District, AR79112203792 - 223214
AR08DTO AlongDistrict Transport office O/O DY.Commission ER, Along. west Siang District, AR7910019436675748
AR09DTO PasighatDistrict Transport office O/O DY.Commission ER, Pasighat east Siang District, AR7911020368 - 22223427
AR10DTO AniniDistrict Transport office O/O DY.Commission ER, Anini Dibang Valley District, AR792101
AR11DTO TezuDistrict Transport office O/O DY.Commission ER, Tezu Lohit District, AR79200103804 - 223119
AR12DTO ChanglangDistrict Transport Office O/O DY. Commissioner District Changlang, AR79212003808 - 222416
AR13DTO KhonsaDistrict Transport Office O/O DY. Commissioner Khonsa, Tirap District, AR7866309436836204
AR14DTO YingkiongDistrict Transport Office O/O The Deputy Commissioner, Y Upper Siang District, AR791002
AR15DTO KoloriangDistrict Transport Office O/O The Deputy Commissioner, K Kurung Kumey District, AR791118
AR16DTO RoingDistrict Transport Office O/O DY. Commissioner, Roing Lower Dibang Valley Dt, AR7921109436836495
AR17DTO HawaiDistrict Transport Office O/O The Deputy Commissioner, H Anjaw District, AR792104

Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code comes in work when you own a vehicle in this state. RTO refers to Regional Transport Office and here we have come with  of the state is vested with the power to permit the allowance of driving to the vehicle owner. It is necessary for every vehicle owner to get registered their vehicle with their regional transport office. No owner of a vehicle is liable to use the unregistered vehicle at any cost.

To address for the permanent registration of new vehicle one should apply for Form 20 available at RTO office and here you also need to write Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes. The filled up form should be brought forth to the Arunachal Pradesh  RTO of the concerned region for inspection. The vehicle is examined by an inspector who confirms to the provision of Acts & Rules for registration of the vehicle.

The department of transport framed the rule of Motor Vehicle keeping in view the overall public interest and advantages of the public. So if any difficulties occurred with reference to any stated rule, the department can amend the rule in accordance with the situation. Because the services should be citizen friendly.

In the state of Arunachal Pradesh, we will get total 17 RTO presently working in the different region of the state for the betterment of the transport system. They always tried their best to cope up with the situation as occurred in relevant places.

In this article, we put our great effort to display all required information of Arunachal  Pradesh RTO Codes. In this information, we have given the relevant with their concerned address and phone number which may insist you to contact them.

No matter whatever the problem will be here we have the solution of everything in nearby regional transport office. So now don’t waste your time by frustrating yourself in transport issues just went over there and get relief from all of your problem creating the issue after reading Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes, Phone Numbers and Addresses..


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