Allahabad District Police Phone Number SP, ASP, DSP

Allahabad District Police Phone Number SP, ASP, DSP

Phone Number Of SP, ASP, DSP Of Allahabad District


S.No.Post / Police StationMobileOffice
1.SP / SSP94544024170532-2641902
3.ASP (UT Allahabad)9454405262
4.ASP (Yamunapar)9454401013
5.ASP (Crime)94544019080532-2641902
6.ASP (Gangapar)9454401015
7.ASP (City)94544010140532-2240438
8.DSP (CO City - 05)94544012780532-2641902
9.DSP (CO City -02)9454401274
10.DSP (CO City - 1)9454401273
11.DSP (CO City - 04)94544012770532-2641902
12.DSP( CO Fulpur )9454401281
13.DSP (CO Traffic)9454401279
14.DSP (CO Karachna) 9454401283
15.DSP (CO Meja)945440128405334-239749
16.DSP (CO Bara)9454401285
17.DSP (CO MCR)9454405199
18.DSP (CO CITY-3)94544012750532-2557154
19.DSP (CO Handia)945440128205332-284010
20.DSP Soran945440128005335-282393
21.ADDL.SP CITY9454401014
22.ADDL.SP CRIME9454401908
23.ADDL.SP GANGAPAR9454401015
24.ADDL.SP TRAFFIC9454401201
25.ADDL.SP YAMUNAPAR9454401013
28.DIG RANGE9454400195
29.DIG RANGE ALD9454400195
30.DSP CO BARA9454401285
31.DSP CO CITY 2ND9454401274
32.DSP CO CITY 4TH9454401277
33.DSP CO CITY 5TH9454401278
34.DSP CO HANDIA9454401282
35.DSP CO KARCHHANA9454401283
36.DSP CO LINES9454401275
37.DSP CO MEJA9454401284
38.DSP CO PHOOLPUR9454401281
39.DSP CO SHAHGANJ9454401273
40.DSP CO SORAON9454401280
41.DSP CO TRAFFIC9454401276
42.IG ZONE Police Station9454400139
43.OFFICE RANGE Police Station9454402583
44.ATARSUIYA Police Station9454402818
45.BAHARIA Police Station9454402819
46.BARA Police Station9454402820
47.CANTT. Police Station9454402821
48.CIVILLINES Police Station9454402822
49.DARAGANJ Police Station9454402823
50.DHOOMANGANJ Police Station9454402824
51.GEORGETOWN Police Station9454402825
52.GHOORPUR Police Station9454402826
53.HANDIA Police Station9454402827
54.HOLAGARH Police Station9454402828
55.INDUSTRIALAREA Police Station9454402829
56.JHUNSI Police Station9454402830
57.KARCHHANA Police Station9454402831
58.KARERLISCHEME Police Station9454402832
59.KAUNDHIYARA Police Station9454402833
60.KEEDGANJ Police Station9454402834
61.KERNALGANJ Police Station9454402835
62.KHIRI Police Station9454402836
63.KHULDABAD Police Station9454402837
64.KORAON Police Station9454402838
65.KOTWALI Police Station9454402839
66.LALAPUR Police Station9454402840
67.MAHILATHANA Police Station9454402841
68.MANDA Police Station9454402842
69.MAUAIMA Police Station9454402843
70.MEJA Police Station9454402844
71.MUTTHIGANJ Police Station9454402845
72.NAINI Police Station 9454402846
73.NAWABGANJ Police Station9454402847
74.PHOOLPUR Police Station9454402848
75.SARAIINAYAT Police Station 9454402849
76.SARAIMAMREJ Police Station9454402850
77.SHAHGANJ Police Station 9454402851
78.SHANKARGARH Police Station9454402852
79.SHIVKUTI Police Station 9454402853
80.SORAON Police Station9454402854
81.THARWAI Police Station9454402855
82.UTRAON Police Station9454402856


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