Allahabad District Phone Number DM, BDO, Tehsildar, SDM

Allahabad District Phone Number DM, BDO, Tehsildar, SDM

We have written here Allahabad Phone Numbers – District Levels Officers UP. Here all officers are posted on other posts. Like DM, ADM, SDO, ACM, Tehsildar, DDO, BDO and all others. To find their contact see below in the tabular form:-

Allahabad District DM, SDM, ADM, ACM, DDO, BDO, Tehsildar Phone Number

S.No.PostContactEmail Id
1.DM 9454417517[email protected]
2.Chief Development Officer9454464532cd[email protected]
3.ADM (F/R)9454417588[email protected]
4.ADM City9454417809[email protected]
5.ADM RA9454417810[email protected]
6.ADM Nazool9454417811[email protected]
7.ADM Civil Suppl9454417812[email protected]
8.Chief Revenue Officer9454417813[email protected]
9.City Magistrate 9454417831[email protected]
10.ACM (First)9454417832[email protected]
11.ACM (Second)9454417833[email protected]
12.ACM (Third)9454417834[email protected]
13.SDM Sadar9454417814[email protected]
14.SDM Soraon9454417815[email protected]
15.SDM Phulpur9454417816[email protected]
16.SDM Handia 9454417817[email protected]
17.SDM Karchhana 9454417818[email protected]
18.SDM Bara 9454417819[email protected]
19.SDM Meja 9454417820[email protected]
20.SDM Koraon 9454417821[email protected]
21.Tehsildar Sadar9454417822
22.Tehsildar Soraon9454417823
23.Tehsildar Phulpur9454417824
24.Tehsildar Handia9454417825
25.Tehsildar. Karchhana9454417826
26.Tehsildar Bara9454417827
27.Tehsildar Meja9454417828
28.Tehsildar Koraon9454417829
29.PD DRDA9454464533[email protected]
30.DDO9454464534[email protected]
31.BDO Kaurihar9454464535[email protected]
32.BDO Holagarh 9454464536[email protected]
33.BDO Mauaima 9454464537[email protected]
34.BDO Soraon 9454464538[email protected]
35.BDO Bahariya 9454464539[email protected]
36.BDO Phulpur 9454464540[email protected]
37.BDO Bahadurpur 9454464541[email protected]
38.BDO Jasra 9454464542[email protected]
39.BDO Shankar Garh9454464543[email protected]
40.BDO Chaka 9454464544[email protected]
41.BDO Karchhana 9454464546[email protected]
42.BDO Pratappur 9454464547[email protected]
43.BDO Dhanupur 9454464548[email protected]
44.BDO Saidabad 9454464549[email protected]
45.BDO Handia 9454464550[email protected]
46.BDO Meja 9454464551[email protected]
47.BDO Koraon 9454464552[email protected]
48.BDO Uruwa 9454464553[email protected]
49.BDO Manda 9454464554[email protected]
50. BDO Kaundhiyara9454464545[email protected]

Allahabad District (Uttar Pradesh) is established at the cost of the pious river Ganga. It is also known as ‘Prayag’. It contains 8 Tehsils, 20 Blocks. It is situated on the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna. Here all officers are posted on the different posts. Collectorate is being led by District Magistrate. ADM works as a supporter of DM. SDM Handels Sub Divisional Issues. Revenue cases are being solved by Tehsildar. Project Director looks after DRDA field. BDO solved block level problems.

Allahabad District DM, SDM, ADM, ACM, DDO, BDO, Tehsildar Phone Number is recently updated and useful for you.


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