All Emergency Helpline Number of Jaipur

A list of emergency services along with phone numbers are always suggested during the critical time. So, we are conferring some emergency numbers. In the below table we have written Accident Relief, AIDS Helpline, Ambulance (Private), Ambulance(SMS Hospital), Blood Bank (BB), Control Room, Emergency (SMS Hospital), Emergency Oxygen (EO), Eye Bank (SMS Hospital), Fire Brigade (FB) all are emergency number. At the time of any inherited circumstances, you may contact the emergency number of Jaipur. Usually in case of emergency, with the help of all emergency services phone number the exact location is easily accessible. All emergency number of Jaipur Rajasthan is somehow helpful for us.

All Emergency Helpline Number of Jaipur

1.Accident Relief(0141) 2565630
2.AIDS Helpline1051
3.Ambulance (Private)108
(SMS Hospital)
5.Blood Bank(0141) 2518234
6.Control Room(0141) 2575715
(SMS Hospital)
(0141) 2560291
8.Emergency Oxygen(0141) 2721771
9.Eye Bank
(SMS Hospital)
(0141) 2560291
10.Fire Brigade101
11.Fire Brigade
(Ghat Gate)
(0141) 2615550
12.Hospital (SMS)(0141) 2560291

Blood Bank in Jaipur providing blood to the people at the time of emergency and in other cases and secure the valuable life of people. Jaipur fire brigade service responsibility is entrusted with the task of fire-fighting and rescue process at the time of emergency.  In this post, we are also sharing All Emergency Helpline Number of Jaipur  is useful for people to contact and get facilities at the time of emergency.


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