Phone Number of Block Level Officers of Nalanda District

District Nalanda Block Level Officer Phone Number

BDO (Block Development Officer)Noorsaray9431818032242656
BDO (Block Development Officer)Biharsharif9431818039
BDO (Block Development Officer)Rahui9431818031
BDO (Block Development Officer)Harnaut9431818033
BDO (Block Development Officer)Bind9431818464
BDO (Block Development Officer)Asthawan9431818037
BDO (Block Development Officer)Sarmera9431818038
BDO (Block Development Officer)Rajgir9431818036
BDO (Block Development Officer)Silav9431818043256701
BDO (Block Development Officer)Katarisaray9431818044
BDO (Block Development Officer)Giriyak9431818460
BDO (Block Development Officer)Ven9431818462255052
BDO (Block Development Officer)Hilsa9431818461
BDO (Block Development Officer)Chandi9431818034
BDO (Block Development Officer)Islampur9431818035
BDO (Block Development Officer)Ekangarsaray9431818040
BDO (Block Development Officer)Karayparshuray9431818042
BDO (Block Development Officer)Nagarnausa9431818041
BDO (Block Development Officer)Parbalpur9431818463
BDO (Block Development Officer)Tharthari9431818045
CO (Circle Officer)Noorsaray7739123540
CO (Circle Officer)Biharsharif9546170222
CO (Circle Officer)Rahui9934054701
CO (Circle Officer)Harnaut9934081645
CO (Circle Officer)Bind9631098888
CO (Circle Officer)Asthawan9631359716
CO (Circle Officer)Sarmera9471472107
CO (Circle Officer)Chandi9204256474
CO (Circle Officer)Islampur9934938283
CO (Circle Officer)Ekangarsaray9431432768
CO (Circle Officer)Karayparshuray9939990599
CO (Circle Officer)Nagarnausa9431411379
CO (Circle Officer)Parbalpur9934356417
CO (Circle Officer)Tharthari9572290102
CO (Circle Officer)Rajgir9430210329
CO (Circle Officer)Silaw9835896468
CO (Circle Officer)Katari saray9934047427
CO (Circle Officer)Giriyak9931624331
CO (Circle Officer)Ven9431395206
CO (Circle Officer)Hilsa9304879151

State – Bihar
District – Nalanda
Introduction :- Nalanda name might have been taken from Tamil word it means “Give daily“. Nalanda is famous in all over the world due to Nalanda University. It was the school of several learnt and later it was destroyed by the Muslim Invaders Bakhtiyar Khilji. Before destruction it had accommodated round about ten thousand students including with two thousand teachers. It was one of the greatest center of higher learning. Nava Nalanda Mahavihara was founded as post graduate Institute for the purpose of research in pali and Buddhism. Pawapuri is another attraction of Nalanda district in Pawapuri . Lord Mahavir got Moksha. In remembrance of Lord Mahavira temples were built. Named of these temples are Jalmandir and Sammoshran Mandir. On the occasion of Deepavali Jain followers gather here and they discuss on issues of their faith. This district is well connected by road to Patna and Bodh Gaya, and Rajgir. Ruins of Nalaanda may be seen in movie Jony Mera Naam.

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