Ganjam Phone Number District level Officers Odisha

In Ganjam district Odisha, DCO, DDA, DPO and others district level officer are operating in the district. They transact all administrative territory and clear all types of theme respective the district. In this article, we have provide Ganjam Odisha district level office contact number with code and their post is somehow helpful to trace information of this region.

Ganjam Phone Number District level Officers Odisha

1.DC(0680) 2290715
2.DEO(0680) 2215350
3.DDA(0680) 2290239
4.DPO(06811) 263924
5.DSO(06811) 263931
6.RTO(06811) 263974
7.DCO(06811) 263752
8.DWO(06811) 263977
9.DPRO(06811) 263963
10.DPO(06811) 263954
11.DEC(06811) 263859
12.DSWO(06811) 263968
13.DDO(06811) 263934
14.PD, DRDA(06811) 263965
15.ADM (Rev)(06811) 263927
16.ADM (Gen)(06811) 26394
17.DTO(06811) 263938
18.Chief District
Vetenary Officer
(06811) 2226131
19.Deputy Director(06811) 2292990
20.Sub Collector
(06811) 241002
21.Sub Collector
(06811) 2281413
22.Sub Collector
(06811) 263923
23.District Emergency
(06811) 263978

In Ganjam district Odisha all district level officer looks after the progress, collected revenue and tax, wealth, welfare, systematic, prosperity, judicial work, maintain peace and harmony and others day to day work. Some of the main roles of the District level officer in Ganjam district Odisha include the maintenance of law and order, crisis management and progression in the welfare of the region. All district level officers look after the general administrative works in this region.

In the above table, we are suggesting Ganjam Phone Number District level Officers Odisha with code. These officers are District Emergency Officer, Deputy Director, DCO, DDA, DPO, RTO, DWO, DPRO, ADM, DTO, DEC, Chief District Vetenary Officer and others district officer.

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