Uttar Dinajpur Phone Numbers – District Level Officers West Bengal

Uttar Dinajpur district contains various post where district level officer like DM, AD, SDO, DPO, DRPRO, DSWO, SLAO, DIO, DLO, CEO, DRDO and all others are working and ready to help the people amicably. To find their contact details see below:-

Uttar Dinajpur Phone Numbers – District Level Officers West Bengal

2.ADM, Development(03526)254674
4.ADM, General(03526)252347
5.Addl. Executive Officer(03526)252276
6.Sub Divisional
Officer, Raiganj
7.Sub Divisional
Officer, Islampur
9.DIO, NIC(03526)246054
10.Dist. Project Officer(03526)249215
11.NDC, Raiganj(03526)252443
12.NDC, Islampur(03526)255122
13.DRDO(03526) 253017
14.DLO(03526) 251115
15.TO Raiganj I(03523) 256682
16.TO Raiganj II(03523) 249625
17.TO Raiganj(03523) 252310
18.TO Islampur(03526) 255125
19.DRO Raiganj(03526) 253153
20.DPO, ICDS(03526) 253130
21.DSWO(03526) 255028
22.Probation Officer(03526) 252440
23.DLRO(03526) 252904
24.District Registrar(03526) 253156
25.SLAO(03526) 252126
26.CEO, FFDA(03526) 253155
27.DFO, Raiganj(03526) 252647
28.DCF & S (03526) 252132

It is placed on the national highway 31. Jute and Mesta are the popular grains of there. Here District Magistrate works on the post of the collector. He clear all issues of there along with ADM. DRO supervises Revenue field and tries to solve affairs belonging to there. The Problem related to the forest is being looked after by the DFO as well as save the animal and care of the safety of tree. ICDS works on the matter of child and takes a decision about the golden future of the children.

If anybody wants to contact the district level officer of Uttar Dinajpur, can see above in tabular form.

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