Muzaffarpur District, Bihar Phone Number, BDO, CDPO

Muzaffarpur District, Bihar Phone Number, BDO, CDPO refers the contact information of the blocks lie under Muzaffarpur district. There are 16 Blocks in Muzaffarpur district. In all the blocks, BDO and CDPO are functioning. Here you will see Muzaffarpur District, Bihar Phone Number, BDO, CDPO of the blocks Mushahari,  Muraul, Bochahan,  Bandra,  Minapur, Motipur,  Sakra, Saraiya, Aurai,  Kanti,  Sahebganj,  Paru,  Kurhani,  Gaighat,  Katra, and Marwan.

District Muzaffarpur Block Level Officer Contact Number / Phone Number / Mobile Number of Block Development Officer and Child Development Project Officer.

Muzaffarpur District, Bihar Phone Number, BDO, CDPO

DesignationBlockMobile No.Phone
BDO (Block Development Officer)Mushahari9431818104
BDO (Block Development Officer)Muraul94310496882293229
BDO (Block Development Officer)Bochahan94318181102817499
BDO (Block Development Officer)Bandra9431818500
BDO (Block Development Officer)Minapur94316320272823358
BDO (Block Development Officer)Motipur94318181092234217
BDO (Block Development Officer)Sakra94318181032293233
BDO (Block Development Officer)Saraiya9431818108255201
BDO (Block Development Officer)Aurai94318181112298281
BDO (Block Development Officer)Kanti9431818113266202
BDO (Block Development Officer)Sahebganj9431818106274674
BDO (Block Development Officer)Paru9431818115254702
BDO (Block Development Officer)Kurhani94318181072816281
BDO (Block Development Officer)Gaighat9431818105
BDO (Block Development Officer)Katra94318181122821243
BDO (Block Development Officer)Marwan9431818501
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Mushahari9431192150
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Muraul9431433920
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Bochahan9431433920
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Bandra9431272904
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Minapur9934037624
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Motipur9431633180
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Sakra9431082571
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Saraiya9431461856
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Aurai9431818111
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Kanti9431633180
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Sahebganj9431818106
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Paru9431461856
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Kurhani9431474883
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Gaighat9431474883
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Katra9934037624
CDPO (Child Development Project Officer)Marwan9431082571
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