Kadapa District Officers Phone Numbers

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The Collector is the head of any district as in Kadapa to govern with the help of subordinate officers. Its main functions include collecting revenue, listening to people’s problems, ensuring law and order situation and making proper decisions for the development of the region.

Kadapa District Officers Phone Numbers

S.NO.NamePhone Number
1.DM, Kadapa08562 - 244301
08562 - 244676
2.Joint Collector, Kadapa 08562 - 244548
3.Addl. Joint Collector 08562 - 244437,
08562 - 244676
4.DRO , Kadapa08562 - 244437,
08562 - 244676
5.RDO, Rajampet 08565 - 240214,
6.RDO, Kadapa 08562 - 242435,
7.RDO, Jammalamadugu 08560 - 271088,
8.A.O. Collectorate 08562 -244437
08562 - 244676
9.CEO, Zilla Parishad, Kadapa 08562 - 244879
10.Tahsildar,Kadapa 09849904126
11.DEO, Kadapa 9849909111
12.DTO, Kadapa 09848778492
13.Dist. Registrar, Kadapa 09963025338
14.RM, APSRTC 09959225768
15.Regional Director, M&H 09849902386
16.Supdt. & Director, RIMS 09701501048
17.Dist. Leprosy Officer 09440534457
18.ASO, DSO’s Office, Kadapa 9440758554
19.Dist. Fire Officer, Kadapa 09949991068,
20.Superintendent, Jails 09494633643
21.DFO, Kadapa 09440810073
22.Mpl. Commissioner,
23.Mpl. Commissioner,
24.Mpl. Commissioner,
25.Mpl. Commissioner,
26.Mpl. Commissioner,
J. Madugu
27.Mpl. Commissioner,
28.Mpl. Commissioner,
29.CE, Projects, Kadapa 09440816408
30.SE, Panchayat Raj 09440448966

The district is the very important center of administration and perhaps, it is the smallest unit, which is directly in touch with home ministry. In this way, we can say that the district is a major part of any state and all the schemes are implemented by this.

The Collectorate is the administrative headquarters of the district and locals come here with their problems and find their possible solutions. This is the place where all the officers have an office and with a legal system of the area, they give a solid shape to the development plans.

With the development of human civilization, the country was divided into many states and states in several districts so that the administration could be run more easily and to ensure the overall development of all areas.

The district comprises in the “Rayalaseema region” of the state and is historically and culturally very rich. Although no such area has been made officially, usually it means from the region where the rule of the most famous King of South India was ruled by Krishna Dev Rai. One of his courtesy, Tenaliram received great fame and his stories are still heard today.

Apart from this, this region has been witnessed the rise of Buddhism and its relics are still getting here. Later, as long as it was not under British rule, this region was ruled by the Nizam of Hyderabad.


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