Hazaribagh BDO, CO Phone Number – All Blocks

BDO and CO in each block in Hazaribagh have their official number to interact with the resident of the district. Total 15 blocks are currently working in Hazaribagh district for the betterment people living in the district. Chouparan, Tatijharia, Katkamsandi, Bishnugarh and Ichak, Barkagaon, Bishnugarh are some of these blocks.  Here we have written Hazaribagh BDO, CO Phone Number of all blocks in Hazaribagh.See under.


Hazaribagh BDO, CO Phone Number

1.BDO, Chouparan9431927652
2.BDO, Tatijhariya9431798686
3.BDO, Katkamsandi9955529514
4.BDO, Bishnugarh9905151788
5.BDO, Ichak8969725472
6.BDO, Barkagaon9631136681
7.BDO, Keredari8987492575
8.BDO, Barkhatha7250810541
9.BDO, Katkamdag9386618349
10.BDO, Sadar8987485163
11.BDO, Daru9931150477
12.BDO, Churchu8809240176
13.BDO, Padma8986652333
14.BDO, Chalkusha9973716259
15.BDO, Barhi7352622771
16.CO, Sadar8986772582
17.CO, Tatijhariya9431745300
18.CO, Katkamsandi9431192628
19.CO, Padma9431593299
20.CO, Churchu9955747299
21.CO, Barkagaon9031276100
22.CO, Ichak9431989597
23.CO, Keredari9431337518
24.CO, Katkamdag9430104541
25.CO, Daru9835659228
26.CO, Chouparan9931145872
27.CO, Barhi7765915859
28.CO, Barkhatha8002681404

Block Development Officer (BDO) leads the developmental and administrative activities of the block. Being  in charge of block all the activity associated with development, administration, electoral or other lies under his authority. The works are almost public oriented. So people often need to visit BDO office and make phone calls.

CO is the head of Anchal office and some police forces are deputed in anchal for security.

The data regarding Hazaribagh BDO, CO Phone Number are from its official website and up to date. The given contact info of BDO, CO is appropriate medium to interact with them for your respected issues.


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