Giridih Hospital Phone Number – Navjyoti, Dokania, Goenka, Azad Nursing Home

S.NoHospital NameSTD CodePhone
1.Sadar Hospital06532222728
2.Navjyoti Nursing Home06532222975
3.Dokania Nursing Home06532222287
4.Goyanka Nursing Home06532222709
5.Azad Nursing Home06532229316
6.Aftab Hospital06532222868
7.Rotary Eye Hospital06532226734
8.G.D. Bagadia06532222131
9.Dr. R.R.Kodia06532223248
10.Dr. M.L. Sharma06532222473
11.Dr. S. Sanyal06532222079
12.Dr. A.K. Deo06532225082
13.Dr. Indira Singh06532250779
14.Dr. Shila Verma06532228208
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