Chittapur, Wadi, Nalwar, Yadgir Railway Station Phone Number

Chittapur (CT), Sulahalli (SUH), Wadi (WAE), Nalwar (NW), Thangundi (TGDE), Yadgir (YG), Narayanpet Road (NRPD) lie in south central railway stations with codes. If you need to know train timing and any others information of these stations please contact the given phone number. We have provided south central railway stations phone number with codes for the passengers.


Chittapur, Sulahalli, Wadi, Nalwar, Thangundi, Narayanpet Road, Yadgir Railway Station Phone Number

S.No.Station NameCodeContact
1.ChittapurCT(08474) 236122
2.SulahalliSUH(08441) 287499
3.WadiWAE(08476) 203092
4.NalwarNW(08476) 247477
5.ThangundiTGDE(08473) 296633
6.YadgirYG(08473) 250365
7.Narayanpet RoadNRPD(08473) 224066

These phone numbers are somehow helpful for the passenger to contact and to know the detail information about trains timing, their schedule, arrival and departure timing.


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