Bihar RTO Codes, Address, Phone Number

Bihar RTO Codes, Name, Address, Phone Numbers and Pin Code

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RTO Code RTO NameRTO Address Phone Numbers
BR01DTO Patna4th Floor Biscoman Bhawan Patna9431249606
BR02DTO GayaCollectoriate Building Gaya Gaya9431089694
BR03DTO BhojpurCollectoriate Building Bhojpur Bhojpur9931286224
BR04DTO, ChaparaCollectoriate Building Chapara Chapara9431668338
BR05DTO MotihariCollectoriate Building Motihari Motihari
BR06DTO MuzaffarpurCollectoriate Building Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur9934787819
BR07DTO, DarbhangaCollectoriate Building Darbhanga Darbhanga
BR08DTO MungerCollectoriate Building Munger Munger
BR09DTO BegusaraCollectoriate Building Begusara Begusara
BR10DTO BhagalpurCollectoriate Building Bhagalpur Bhagalpur
BR11DTO PurneaCollectoriate Building Purnea Purnea
BR19DTO SaharsaCollectoriate Building Saharsa Saharsa
BR21DTO NalandaCollectoriate Building Nalanda Nalanda
BR22DTO BettiahCollectoriate Building Bettiah Bettiah
BR24DTO RohtasCollectoriate Building Rohtas Rohtas9835855889
BR25DTO JehanabadCollectoriate Building Jehanabad Jehanabad9006371403
BR26DTO AurangabadCollectoriate Building Aurangabad Aurangabad9470259154
BR27DTO NawadahCollectoriate Building Nawadah Nawadah9430278680
BR28DTO GopalganjCollectoriate Building Gopalganj Gopalganj
BR29DTO SiwanCollectoriate Building Siwan Siwan9431465573
BR30DTO SitamarhiCollectoriate Building Sitamarhi Sitamarhi9709847268
BR31DTO VaishaliCollectoriate Building Vaishali Vaishali 9905047354
BR32DTO MadhubaniCollectoriate Building Madhubani Madhubani9430215310
BR33DTO SamastipurCollectoriate Building Samastipur Samastipur9431416779
BR34DTO KhagariaCollectoriate Building Khagaria Khagaria9431454790
BR37DTO KishanganjCollectoriate Building Kishanganj Kishanganj9431471441
BR38DTO ArareaCollectoriate Building Ararea Ararea9430582666
BR39DTO KatiharCollectoriate Building Katihar Katihar9431867714
BR43DTO MadhepuraCollectoriate Building Madhepura Madhepura9334640788
BR44DTO BuxurCollectoriate Building Buxur Buxur9470803804
BR45DTO BhabhuaCollectoriate Building Bhabhua Bhabhua9431471441
BR46DTO JaumuiCollectoriate Building Jaumui Jaumui9431416779
BR50DTO SupaulCollectoriate Building Supaul Supaul9934691153
BR51DTO BankaCollectoriate Building Banka Banka9431014535
BR52DTO SheikhpuraCollectoriate Building Sheikhpura Sheikhpura9931065455
BR53DTO LakhisaraiCollectoriate Building Lakhisarai9430415745
BR55DTO SheoharCollectoriate Building Sheohar Sheohar9430215310
BR56DTO ArawalCollectoriate Building Arawal Arawal9431684894

In the age of fast going people riding various types of Vehicles, RTO plays a vital role. If we talk about Bihar here we are with Bihar RTO Codes and regarding information. Earlier we have written an article Phone Numbers DTO / District Transport Officer All Districts Bihar which may be helpful for you.

Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Bihar has set up to deal with transport related information in accordance with different rule & regulation as prescribed. The services provided by the department are very convenient for the citizen in dealing with the unforced circumstances.

These departments of the state are entrusted with the power of issuing driving license, issue of fitness certificate, registration of vehicle and collection various taxes & fees as per prescribed laws and rule framed by Motor Vehicle Act.

However, the main priority of Bihar RTO services is to provide road safety and prompt delivery of reliable transport information as soon as possible to the vehicle owner for their sake.

As the department is trustworthy of providing all reliable data of vehicle so if any discrepancy occur in relation to any vehicles the department is fully responsible for it up to maximum extent.

There are total 38 RTO currently working in the state of Bihar with their best services. These RTO are best known for their work efficiency and for their citizen-friendly services as required.

In the given article, we have written all required information of Bihar RTO   Code along with the address and concerned phone number. This will help you interact with them with any relevant issue of transport.

So from now onward don’t worry about any of transport issues because there is the solution of every issue in your regional transport office. Go for it and just avail the benefit of their services.

We hope that above reliable information with respect to Bihar RTO Codes would be a helpful to the reader in extending the proper knowledge of transport related functionaries.

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