Almora Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

In Almora district, District level officer (SDM, ADM, SDM, DFO, DSO, DPO, DPRO, DIO, CDO, DDO, RTO and all others) who posted on various designations supervises all issue related to the administrative sector and they try to help people who are needy carefully.

Almora Phone Numbers – District Level Officers Uttarakhand

1.DM(05962) 230170
2.ADM(05962) 233203
3.SDM, Almora(05962) 230171
4.SDM, Bhanoli(05962) 263075
5.SDM, Jainti(05962) 275649
6.SDM, Someshwar(05962) 243186
7.SDM, Ranikhet(05966) 220206
8.SDM, Dwarahat(05966) 244860
9.SDM, Chaukutia(05966) 246699
10.SDM, Bhikiasain(05966) 242025
11.SDM, Sult(05966) 238802
12.SDM, Syalde(05966) 247484
13.CDO(05962) 230027
14.DDO(05962) 230027
15.Project Director, DRDA(05962) 230142
16.DAO(05962) 230424
17.DHO(05962) 230082
18.DSWO(05962) 235564
19.DPO(05962) 235796
20.DPRO(05962) 231720
21.DSEO(05962) 230321
22.Project Officer UREDA(05962) 234016
23.CDMO(05962) 233015
24.DEO(05962) 230074
25.ADEO (Secondary)(05962) 230074
26.ADEO (Basic)(05962) 230247
27.DFO, Almora(05962) 230065
28.DFO, (Civil Soyam)(05962) 230229
29.DFO, Ranikhet(05966) 220284
30.DSO(05962) 230646
31.RTO(05962) 230180
32.TO(05962) 230187
33.DIO(05962) 230209
34.DIO(05962) 231089

After 21 century Almora district came in its real existence. It is placed in Kumaun region and eastern part of Uttarakhand. Here DM is posted to fix the affairs happening in Almora district. DSWO works in Social welfare department and looks after the matters belonging to that department. As we know very well that Agriculture is most important topic in this district. Agriculture officer is deputed in every district and he attempt to sort out problems concerned with that department.

If anybody needs to contact detail of Almora Phone Numbers of level officers you can find above in tabular form.


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