Alappuzha, Kerala District Officers Phone Number – Deputy Director, DEO, DIO

1.Deputy Director
of Survey
(0477) 2251675
2.District Backward
Classes Development
(0477) 2254121
3.District Development
Officer for SC
(0477) 2252548
4.District Employment
5.District Forestry-
6.District Govt. Pleader
& Public Prosecutor
7.District Industries
(0477) 2251272
8.District Informatics
Associate NIC
(0477) 2252079
9.District Informatics
Officer NIC
(0477) 2252079
10.District Information
(0477) 2251349

Introduction of District Alappuzha State Kerala : – Alappuzha came into existence as a district in map of Kerala state on 27th August 1957 but before creating as a district it was the part of Kokkam and Kottayam district. This district has a glourish history with it copious trade activity. It is popular for the first labour upswing in opposite of unbridled governance which is fame as Punnapra Vayalar movement. This historical movement of Punnapra and Vayalar in 1948 and stiffened the temper of the commonality against Sir C.P Ramaswamy Iyer.


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